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SaRC-Q Registry, a Database to Learn More About Sarcoma In Quebec

The SaRC-Q registry serves as a centralized database meticulously collecting, managing, and analyzing invaluable data on sarcoma cases in Quebec. This database is not just a collection of statistics; it is also a powerful tool for tracking sarcoma incidence, prevalence, survival rates, and for uncovering vital trends and treatment patterns that shape outcomes.

The information gathered within the SaRC-Q registry includes a comprehensive array of data points: patient demographics, tumor characteristics, cancer stage at diagnosis, treatment types, and outcomes, as well as follow-up data. Importantly, all the information collected is entirely anonymized to protect patient privacy.

This wealth of data empowers our dedicated physicians and researchers to develop and enhance cancer care, ultimately improving outcomes for sarcoma patients. When you participate in the SaRC-Q registry, you personally contribute to advancing our understanding of sarcoma, and you might also find opportunities to join clinical trials that can make a difference in your journey.

For more details or if you have been diagnosed with sarcoma in Quebec and wish to participate in the SaRC-Q registry, please reach out to us. Together, we can harness the power of data to fight back against sarcoma.

The Registry

Since 2023, we have been actively collecting data both retrospectively and prospectively on all patients diagnosed with sarcoma in Quebec. We believe in the strength of numbers to combat this challenging disease. Join us in this critical mission!
Participating Patients
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Bone Sarcoma


Soft-Tissue Sarcoma



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Age 16-35 years old


Age 36-65 years old


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